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Hotel Luxe Element

  • Atlantis’ magic world comes to life with the Dubai hotel’s 65,000 marine animals and 17 hectares of water park attractions alone — and the hotel’s pools are just the beginning of all the aquatic fun you can pack into a single vacation. Get a smooch during a little one-on-one time with a sea lion, or join a scuba diving adventure that invites you to swim alongside dolphins. Once all that magic has worked up your appetite, you'll have 23 restaurants to choose from right in the resort — featuring top chefs and succulent dishes that leave you never wanting to wake up from what feels like a dream. (📷: @snowflakesfairy 📍: Atlantis, The Palm - Dubai)
  • It’s easy to feel as if you're at the center of a magical blue universe when gazing out into the crystal-clear waters that border Vakkaru — a feeling that is woven into every fiber of the property. Each of the hotel’s living spaces and four restaurants on site is a subtle reminder of how powerful it is to surrender to the peace that nature provides. To further enhance this feeling, book a ""Signature Vakkaru Journey"" at the hotel spa, which is a treatment that uses the healing properties of coconut to reinvigorate everything from your hair to your skin. (📷: @zeebalife 📍: Vakkaru, Maldives)
  • A private Italian retreat in the middle of Northern Italy’s mountainous region, San Luis Retreat Hotel and Lodges provides a peaceful escape by way of private chalets and treehouses. Curate your experience as you please by booking a treehouse that’s one with the forest or a chalet that invites the lake’s subtle hum into your private oasis. No matter which you choose, the odds are in your favor as the surrounding mountain village of Avelengo is known for at least 200 days of sunlight and 365 of pure bliss. (📷: @roamingtina 📍: San Luis Retreat Hotel & Lodges)
  • Beach chairs invite Hotel Santa Caterina guests to indulge in the incredible views of the Amalfi coast, featuring limitless sky and shimmering waters, while chefs entice passersby with smells of dishes that have passed from generation to generation. If you fall in love with the San Pietro and Artichoke Roll, which you most certainly will, the original recipe lives on the hotel’s website as a parting gift for all who want to bring their Amalfi coast adventure home with them. (📷: @tashoakley 📍: Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi)
  • Located on the largest island in Thailand, Keemala is one with nature in the island’s hills and woodlands. A stay at Keemala will cater to all of your holistic needs, as the luxury property prides itself on enhancing its guests' quality of life from the moment they arrive — the Tree Pool Houses, particularly, are modeled after the ancient belief that the higher a person sleeps, the better their creativity. (📷: @mgtenazas 📍Keemala - Phuket, Thailand)
  • Greenery lovingly greets each of the five pools at the Beji Ubud Resort, creating a breathtaking scene of Balinese beauty. Between Mother Nature and the boutique hotel’s spa packages, grounding yourself in serenity is as effortless as the name of the surrounding town suggests — "Ubud” means “medicine” in Balinese, underscoring the healing nature of time spent here. (📷: @katerinastavreva | 📍: Beji Ubud Resort - Bali, Indonesia)